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TifEagle Growers



Bred and released by internationally recognized USDA/ARS plant geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna, TifEagle is the third generation of bermudagrass varieties developed exclusively for golf greens at the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton GA. Just as Tifdwarf has replaced Tifgreen 328 as the standard for putting greens over the last four decades, TifEagle is setting an even higher standard for the 21st century. Based on careful evaluation at university research stations since 1988, and beginning in 1996 at golf course locations from Florida to the desert Southwest, TifEagle has proven to be a premier putting surface with a number of unique advantages for golf course superintendents.


These eight "Licensed" members of the TifEagle Growers Association have been growing, managing and installing TifEagle bermudagrass on greens at the finest clubs across America for over twenty years now. This premier group of quality-conscious sod producers have all agreed to produce “certified” turfgrass by following strict turfgrass certification rules administrated by each state certification agency and designed to promote on-going purity and uniformity. So be sure to look for the TifEagle certification tag with your order.  It’s your supplier’s assurance that the TifEagle you’re buying is the real deal.  

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