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NewLife Turf - Norway SC

Pike Creek Turf, Inc. - Adel GA

South Florida Grassing, Inc. - Hobe Sound FL;

Tifton Turf Farms - Tifton GA

Tri-Tex Grass - Tioga TX

These five top-quality growers have been specially trained and authorized to handle all no-till TifEagle sales, on-site inspections and installations. They have also agreed to the additionalsafeguards that are essential for our no-till TifEagle initiative. For starters, their no-till TifEagle production fields will be inspected three times each year for varietal purity and problem weeds. As an additional safeguard, all no-till TifEagle production fields will be inspected and tested for sting and lance nematodes. And to insure freshness and planting uniformity all no-tiil TifEagle sprigs will first be cleaned and milled to remove thatch, dirt and overly large sprigs and clumps, and then delivered in sealed plastic bags or refrigerated trucks. And lastly, these growers have committed to multiple follow-up inspections to ensure customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make sure our customers get a rapid,

problem-free grow-in.

The No-Till Process and Golf Greens

No-till or minimum-till is not a new concept. The practice has been around for a number of years and has proven to be an excellent method for reducing production costs, preserving soil moisture, and reducing soil and nutrient loss for many crops. In recent years, a specialized “no-till process” has been successfully used on golf courses to hold down the costs associated with greens renovations. It basically involves applying Roundup or methyl bromide to kill the existing grass and verticutting down to the stolon/rhizome/top-dressing interface to create a

healthy seedbed, followed by a thorough clean-up of all debris. The final steps include aerification, topdressing and, of course, distribution of fresh new TifEagle sprigs.

No-Till Renovation vs. Conventional Reconstruction

No-till TifEagle can save you up to 75% of the cost of conventional greens reconstruction. Complete rebuild-costs range from $1.50 to $4.00 per sq. ft. versus $.45 to $.80 per sq. ft. for no-till. Time saved is another big factor. Six to eight weeks is normal turnaround for no-till versus 10 to 18 weeks for a complete rebuild. Reduced

down-time greatly reduces lost revenue. Site prep can also be done with your own crews and equipment to fit your own schedule. Bottom line, you get a speedy conversion from poor quality greens to TifEagle, the ultimate ultradwarf putting surface.

TifEagle Offers a Number of Unique Advantages

TifEagle is grown, inspected and sold under a rigorous set of rules and guidelines set up by the Georgia Seed Development Commission to promote on-going purity and uniformity. In fact, TifEagle is the only ultradwarf variety that has this kind of unbiased third-party oversight. This ensures that the TifEagle sprigs you receive are not contaminated with offtypes, which may occur in the Tifgreen/Tifdwarf family of cultivars. TifEagle has a number of other unique advantages over traditional bermudagrass greens varieties, as well as many of the new ultradwarf varieties. When maintained at a cutting height of 0.125 inch (3.2mm), TifEagle produces a quality puttingsurface second to none. It exhibits very aggressive rhizomatous and stoloniferous growth habits, maintains superior color under cool conditions and provides an excellent putting surface during the winter season, with or without overseeding. In fact, many superintendents are reporting excellent results with painted TifEagle greens.

For More Information Contact One of These Authorized No-Till TifEagle Grower/Installers

New Life Turf - Norway SC

803 263-4231 803 263-4886 (Fax)

Contact: John Brown

Pike Creek Turf, Inc. - Adel GA

800 232-7453 229 896-7581 229 896-7584 (Fax)

Contact: Bruce Allison

South Florida Grassing, Inc. - Hobe Sound FL

800 483-4279 (FL Only) 772 546-4191 772 546-3482 (Fax)

Contact: Homer Greene

Tifton Turf Farms - Tifton GA

800 841-6645 229 386-8061 229 386-1207 (Fax)

Contact: Paul Massey

Tri-Tex Grass - Tioga TX

866 573-6676 817 573-6676 817 573-4958 (Fax)

Contact: Randy Price



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